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MedLexicon emerged as a united group with developed standard operating procedures in early 2007.
However, the majority of employees have been specializing clinical development documentation turnover since late 1990-s. Most of our staff are either former employees of CRO's (as well as drug companies) and/or study coordinators.
Now our primary focus is developing localized validated versions of documents required to obtain regulatory approvals for studies to be conducted in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. We have fully standardized approach and meticulously written policies we adhere to.
Being professionals in the clinical development industry, we fully recognize the importance of confidentiality and trade secrets. All documents are processed and stored on a protected data server, with confidentiality agreements duly filed and made available to Clients.
Our Clients, whose names we hold in confidentiality, are:
  • Largest international pharmaceutical companies, including their specialized oncology/hematology focus units
  • Biotechnological companies
  • Russian pharmaceutical companies
  • International and local CRO's.